We are great at what we do

For 30 years our staff has provided professional environmental consulting services to clients in the management of hazardous building materials currently associated with the health and safety of personnel and building occupants.

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Core Services

  • Asbestos Services

    Asbestos Building Inspections. Asbestos Building Surveys. Asbestos Abatement Monitoring. Asbestos Material and Air Sampling.

  • Lead-based Paint Services

    Lead-based Paint Sampling. Lead-based Paint Risk Assessment. Lead-based Paint Abatement Monitoring.

  • Mold/Fungi Services

    Moisture/Mold Building Inspections.  Moisture/Mold Abatement Monitoring. Moisture/Mold Surface and Air Testing.

  • In-door Air Quality (IAQ) Services

    Air Quality Testing and Assessment.

  • Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments

    Soil and Groundwater Assessment. Building Record Analysis and Environmental Hazard Consulting.